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10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Tepid Water

Water is one of the most important components to the human body in order to maintain its functions but the question is, should you drink cold or warm water? Starting a day with a glass of water has numerous benefits, whether cold or warm but health experts advice that warm water has more perks than cold water does. Drinking warm water in the morning is a great habit but you should not limit yourself, you can take it other times of the day as well. Most people don’t like the taste of hot or warm water, that’s a give, which is why you are allowed to add some lemon juice to enhance it. Below are 10 reasons that will have you drinking tepid water from now on.

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Tepid Water


1. Help you lose weight

If you are following a weight loss regime and looking to lose weight, warm water will have more benefits to you compared to cold. You see, warm water increases the body temperature and this in turn increases the metabolism rate. An increase in metabolism helps to burn even more calories and the warm water could even help to break down the fat deposits in the body. If you add some lemon juice, it will be an added benefit because it will not only help break down the fat but the lemon will also help you control your food cravings.

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