10 Deadliest Foods in the World

Deadly food? Does it sound possible to you?
It is! Some of these dangerous foods can literally end your life if you are not informed well. We present you a list of 10 deadliest foods in the world:

10 Deadliest Foods in the World


1. Fugu Puffer Fish

It is also known as blowfish, a Japanese delicacy that if it is not prepared properly can cause death to the consumers. Its deadly cause comes from the fact that if it is not cut correctly, a tetrodoxine-can be a poison for the human body is released in the meat of the fish. The tetrodoxine causes the muscles to freeze up and can lead to asphyxiation. Unfortunately there is no antidote and this fish has been the last meal for few people, unintentionally. It can only be served by chefs with years of experience in preparing this fish and with great precautions. Still the Japanese consume thousands tons of the fish every year.

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