Top Fashion Trends of 2017

Fashion has never been stagnant and this year is not going to be different. Brace yourself up and wake up your fashionista in you because in 2017 you will be in for some chic and “old-school” fashion that have been modernized to fit just about everyone and for all occasions.

Top Fashion Trends of 2017


1. Pink is back, and it’s now the new black

Even though pink has been around for a while, and has been present in some fashion products in 2016, it will make a huge comeback in 2017. Designers will utilize all the shades and tone available this year for pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, tops, etc. In virtually all the collection and fashion runways, it registered a very significant presence. Also a lot of designers and popular brands have already released assorted shades of rose-colored collections for the spring of 2017, making pink the main color for months to come. Pink is warm on the skin and is known to conjure up emotions such as love and romance.

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