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Cool Beard Styles You Should Try

If you want to look different and handsome, you may consider growing a beard. There are different types and you can choose the one suit your taste and personality. While some requires your time and patience to grow and maintain, others do not require such resources. This article will provide you with 10 cool beard styles you can choose from. We hope that you achieve your fashion goals and look more handsome on anyone you decide to go with.

Cool Beard Styles You Should Try

Source: http://www.topteny.com

1. Stubble beard

 This is one of the most terrific styles of beards for 2017. A stubble beard is perfect of you want to change your looks by growing a beard, but lack the patience to wait for it to grow very well. It is perfect if you have a very busy schedule, with no time to waste on your beard. Some people say it is not a true beard because it is just a few short hairs growing on the face, but this makes it perfect for men who have not interest in growing a full beard. To get a stubble beard, don’t shave for about two to three days. Stubble beards can be worn by men of all age groups.

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