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Top 10 Reasons To Quit Eating Fried Food

We all know how delicious fried food can be but do we really understand the kind of danger it poses? The reason why fried food is so bad is because it contains Trans-fats that place you at a very high risk of contracting heart disease. Of course, you can avoid eating at restaurants and make sure the food you eat contains zero Trans-fats but the oil intake would still be unhealthy. This is especially so if you bread before frying, fry at low temperatures or fry too much food at one go. Lets us look sat some reason why this is wrong and other 10 reasons why you need to stay away from fried foods, completely.

Top 10 Reasons To Quit Eating Fried Food


Too much calories and fat

Breading soaks up a lot of grease, frying at low temperatures allows food to slowly absorb all that oil and cooking too much food at a go lowers the temperatures of the oil allowing the food to absorb it. All that oil will leave you susceptible to obesity, heart disease and worst of all cancer because friend foods contain a lot of calories and fat. Calories are good, it’s the extra ones that come with fried food that tend to be malicious. When food is fried, it multiplies the calorie density.

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